Well–prepared for all types of tasks

Our virtual server programs are designed with all the various functionalities and programs you will need in order to manage your media–heavy sites and web applications from one particular location. Each VPS pack boasts a choice of Linux OS versions, SSD storage, root server access rights and regular offsite backups. You will get secured CPU and RAM memory quotas for a lot faster connections.

SSD disks

Raise your web site’s functionality with our SSD–based Virtual Private Servers

Each of the Virtual Servers delivered by Vic Domains comes designed with SSDs instead of common HDD drives. Having solid–state drives on your virtual private server could be an awesome asset for your website pages. SSD drives offer a lot better reading/writing rates and additionally enable a lot faster file access. This in essence implies that everything on your web hosting server will work more quickly, including all of your web sites and applications.

Operating System options

Select from CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu

We deliver a collection of Operating Systems for your Virtual Private Server at signup. On the order page, you can pick out in between these Operating System choices – Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS. All you need to do is pick out the operating system that you like and we are going to set it up for your business.

An absolutely free dedicated IP address

Get a totally free dedicated IP address with every single VPS

A virtual server will give you total self–reliance on the web, and to assist you begin quickly, we provide you with a dedicated IP address free. When you sign up, just tell us which Linux distribution you need and we’ll put together your server and allocate a unique dedicated IP to you with no charge. Any time you call for extra IP addresses, you could get them from your Control Panel at a low cost.