Whether a hosting account meets the system requirements of your websites and how easy it'll be for you to manage that account are two really important matters. If you experience any troubles or your sites cannot run on the web hosting platform because they were designed to run in another system environment, it would be rather unsatisfying in case you cannot get a complete or prorated refund and various service providers out there have such policies. This way, you'll end up losing funds as you will not be able to use a service you've paid for. To be on the safe side, you should check the refund policies of any company before you get an internet hosting plan, so if you cannot work with the account or simply decide that you do not want to use it for whatever reason, you can request your money back.

30-day MBG in Shared Website Hosting

All our shared website hosting plans feature a 30-day MBG policy, so in case you do not wish to use your new account anymore for any reason, you'll be able to request a complete refund in the first month. We have a qualified tech support staff that will be available 24/7/365 in case you experience any kind of problems or have any questions and a very easy-to-use website hosting Control Panel which will enable you to control your domains, sites and email addresses without difficulty. Still we acknowledge the fact that you might not want to keep using the account, so we can issue a full refund throughout the first 30 days even if you have used the service intensely meanwhile. Your refund will be issued within minutes after we receive your request.